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Fire alarm technology will keep your family safe, no matter what happens

Detecting real Fire and generating proper alert is very important to avoid unwanted panic and activate protective measures accordingly

What Is The Difference Between Conventional & Addressable System?
What Is An Automatic Detection?
How To Reducing False Alarm?
What Do You Mean By Cross Zoning ?
What Is Central Monitoring Of System ?
How Does System Perform?

Communication to Public for Important or Emergency situation

What Is The Working Philosophy Of Public Address System?
What Is The Basic Of Public Address System ?
What Is Public Address Mixer?

CCTV Security Systems is one and only Security System that gives its utility before and as well as after the unlikely event, which means it not only deters intrusion and prevent any unlikely event to happen but also comes handy after the incident during post event analysis.

Are IP Cameras Better Than Analog?
What Is The Difference Between NVR And DVR?
Can Analog Camera Work With NVR?

Keep safe your premises with authorized personal safe and secure access.

Simply defined, the term “access control” describes any technique used to control passage into or out of any area. The standard lock that uses a brass key may be thought of as a simple form of an “access control system”.

How Does An Access Control System Work?
What Is The Use Of Access Control?
Why Is Access Control Important?
Why Do We Need Access Control?

Gas Based Suppression System is for intelligent protection of Sophisticated equipments

Gas Suppression System or simply called as Automatic Fire Suppression System (or Gas Suppression System), is relatively a new technology in India. Unlike conventional system that use water, in Gas Based Fire Suppression System; water is never used and yet the fire is extinguished. Here Gas is used to extinguish the fire. Hence it is a Gas Based system. The fire gets extinguished, within a minute of activation and everything is automatic.

What Is Gas Suppression System?
How Often Do Gas Suppression Systems Need To Be Inspected?
How Do Fire Suppression Systems Work?

Monitoring & Control of various systems in single platform

A building management system, otherwise known as a building automation system, is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

What Is The Meaning Of BMS?
Who Benefits From Building Automation?
What Is The Return On Investment Involved In Building Automation?
Do I Need To Be An Engineer To Operate A Building Automation System?

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