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    Keep safe your premises with authorized personal safe and secure access

    Simply defined, the term “access control” describes any technique used to control passage into or out of any area. The standard lock that uses a brass key may be thought of as a simple form of an “access control system”.

    Over the years, access control systems have become more and more sophisticated. Today, the term “access control system” most often refers to a computer-based, electronic card access control system. The electronic card access control system uses a special “access card”, rather than a brass key, to permit access into the secured area.

    When used within this document, the term “access control system” refers to an electronic card access control system.

    Access control systems are most commonly used to control entry into exterior doors of buildings. Access control systems may also be used to control access into certain areas located within the interior of buildings.

    The purpose of an access control system is to provide quick, convenient access to those persons who are authorized, while at the same time, restricting access to unauthorized people.

    Basic Components of an Access Control System is Access Card, Access Controller, Reader, Lock Hardware, Access Control Server/Computer etc.

    We provide multi brands like Honeywell, Bosch, Hikvision etc.